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Faraday MPC-2000

MPC-2000 Catalog Sheet
MPC-2000 Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
  1. CU-2 System Central Processing Unit
  2. BB-1 Control Buffer Module
  3. BB-2 Control Buffer Module
  4. MP-1 Main Power Supply
  5. MP-2 Main Power Supply
  6. MP-3 Main Power Supply
  7. BC-2 Battery Charger
  8. AP-1 Auxilliary Power Supply
  9. AP-2 Auxilliary Power Supply
  10. AP-3 Auxilliary Power Supply
  11. AP-4 Auxilliary Power Supply
  12. AP-5 Auxilliary Power Supply
  13. TX-1 Transformer (Filtered/Unfiltered)
  14. TX-2 Transformer (Unfiltered)
  15. ZN-1 Dual Zone Module
  16. ZN-2 Dual Zone Module
  17. ZN-3 Dual Zone Module
  18. AM-1 Signal Line Circuit Module
  19. SC-1 Dual Signal Module
  20. SC-2 Dual Signal Module
  21. SC-3 Dual Signal Module
  22. AR-1 Dual Relay Module
  23. AR-2 Dual Relay Module
  24. AR-3 Dual Relay Module
  25. CT-1 City Tie Module
  26. SI-1 Serial Interface Module
  27. SI-2 Serial Interface Module
  28. SI-3 Serial Interface Module
  29. CI-1 Communications Interface Module
  30. CI-2 Communications Interface Module
  31. PR-1 System Status Printer
  32. DI-1 Digital Communicator Interface Module
  33. PD-1 Power Distribution Module
  34. PD-4 Power Distribution Module
  1. RDC-700 40 Character Display Remote Annunciator
  2. RDC-800 80 Character Display Remote Annunciator
The faraday MPC-2000 was developed as an engineered system (Built to order at the factory) and is modular in design.  This system is easy to add capabilities to one piece at a time or many pieces at a time.

Installation technique and maintenance are crucial to reliability of this particular system.  We have installed and maintained literally hundreds of these panels through the years and have seen it all.

The MPC-2000 is a very reliable workhorse and we have seen many of these continue to operate almost trouble free for well over ten years.  We have worked on many of these systems that have had significant problems and usually find that the problems most often seen are the result of improper installation, inadequate maintenance, incompetant repairs and improper training of personnel performing repairs and maintenance.

The biggest problem that most technicians face with this piece of equipment is the fact that a small disturbance can become a major surgical procedure very quicly if proper repair procedures are not followed to the letter.

Another source of grief for this system, to the untrained technician, are the relationships of the software revisions within the system.  If the "firmware" revisions are not correct for the equipment a myriad of troubles may manifest that are easily repaired with a fairly simple change of a single chip on a single board.

System programming is also crucial to proper operation.  There are program fields, if activated improperly, that can and will cause problems.

If you have an MPC-2000 with problems we invite you to give us a call, chances are that we can fix your system or at least tell you how to fix it cost effectively.
We have many of the parts for the MPC-2000 in stock and ready to ship.  If you don't see the part needed please give us a call.